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How to choose a correct lace color?


1.The lace color is made to imitate your scalp color, not your skin tone.So please part your hair and get your scalp color prior to making your choice.
2.Most of wigs in stock only come in light brown and medium brown lace color which can match most skin colors of African Americans.
3.Dark brown lace is for dark-skinned women and we don't have it in stock which takes 30 working days to make
4.Transparent lace is for fair-skinned women.
5.HD lace can match different skin tones.also as it is the thinnest and softest,HD lace is very undetectable and can be melted more easily with your hairline
6.Silk top/base color is going along with the lace color.If you buy a silk top wig,just choose the color of lace.


Lace color


Premierlacewigs Lace Color Chart






Premierlacewigs Silk Base Color Chart

 Silk Base Color Chart